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Rive della Chiesa​

We are the “prosec-cari“.
This is a word that a good friend recommended to us that perfectly describes our work, as producers of prosecco that we care about and hold dear (or “caro”).
We are people who like to have a carefree drink of wine linked to the region and its values. We not only export a product but rather series of stories woven together, recounting the ordinary people who work every day for the love of this vine: glera.
We represent those who never give up and take risks to reach ever higher goals and who like to enjoy a toast at different moments of the day.


Our Wines

We are a family business that began on a small plot of land near a Montello church famous for Tintoretto’s paintings and for having been destroyed during the Montello tornado.
Those few hectares of vineyards formed the basis of the ambition that sets our company apart and from which, over the years, we have increased production and explored the main international markets. We don’t just export a product, prosecco, but also the values of the Venetian people, and the stories of the towns and the region.


Prosecco combines the joy of a convivial moment

The success of prosecco is due to several factors including:

  • its versatility
  • its simple fruity bouquet
  • pleasantness of drinking
  • simplicity

Rive in the World

Prosecco is our great pride, but we have different types of wines that can satisfy different market needs. Would you like an exclusive offer to start importing our wines? We know the main markets and we are able to satisfy the needs of our importers with dedicated projects and specific requests to make your product unique.

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