With determination, production increased. The house became the field and the church. The cellar also boosted the need for people, just like when it all began. As such we found dynamic and ambitious young people who always aimed to improve, learning from their mistakes day after day without losing heart.
Today, after 40 years, looking back at how our company started out on a few hectares near the church, we feel proud. Above all, walking through the rows of that vineyard, we find the motivation not only to create a good prosecco but to infuse every bottle with a way of being, a desire not to break down but to continue to believe in ourselves, preparing for the uncertainty of the future with robust values: ambition, love for work and family.
The story

The company was born out of our father’s passion for the vineyard and Michele’s subsequent studies.
Michele graduated with a degree in oenology from Treviso with a very specific love, prosecco.
We started selling wine door to door. Once the days in the cellar were over there were no Saturdays or Sundays, because that wine needed to be on the tables of the Venetians since it told a story through its bubbles.

The first Italian customers came, indulging in a glass of prosecco with friends and relatives, filling the tables with the usual Italian joy. In the 1990s we took the big leap: the first trips, with the uncertainties and the first difficulties in finding importers. We would return home from some trips worrying about whether orders would live up to predictions, or whether we would be left with it all. There were still no telephones yet, and information did not travel on modern and fast tracks like it does now. Our signature encapsulates our desire to never give up and to continue striving to reach the top. So among dozens of failures, which we still experience on a daily basis, we began to have the satisfaction that make you forget about the most difficult days. Like a game of risk, one after the next we entered international markets, consolidating our presence and our status as proud winemakers from Montello.

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