The wines produced by Rive Della Chiesa are divided into two categories.
Discover the personality of each one to choose the right style for you.

The Rive della Chiesa line bears the value of resistance against adversity, and indeed the greatest misfortune that occurred in this area was the Montello tornado of 1930, when 500km/h gusts of wind destroyed the village church and many houses.

In this wine, the bubbles evoke all our sacrifices and our daily efforts to grow and establish ourselves on the market.

Each color of Gasparetto line by Rive della Chiesa, is linked to a specific mood during wich you can drink your prosecco with someone else or by yourself. This is a new and fresh product that’s easy to drink, designed for the new generation of consumers who want a wine to share and enjoy with their friends or loved ones. Thanks to the study of colors, the label was created specifically to describe the mood.  

The Gasparetto line represents the family, a value that distinguishes us not only because we are family-run, like many organisation near and far, but because for us our loved ones are also our team: our friend who is waiting for us for a quick drink or simply those who raise their glass with us when we toast, like our Japanese importer or American customers, who we do not know but to whom we feel close by bringing our prosecco to their tables.


Rive in the World

Prosecco is our great pride, but we have different types of wines that can satisfy different market needs. Would you like an exclusive offer to start importing our wines? We know the main markets and we are able to satisfy the needs of our importers with dedicated projects and specific requests to make your product unique.

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