How is Prosecco made?

Rive della Chiesa is a point of reference for small growers, where the grapes grow in the harvest season and where the work in the countryside is continued throughout the year in order to bring quality grapes with the Rive della Chiesa style and philosophy.

The charmat or martinotti method is the secret behind the fruity and fresh aromas, the pleasant acidity and the bubble that distinguishes each prosecco by the Rive della Chiesa winery, made with passion and love for the territory and tradition.

The Charmat Method

Wines produced with the Martinotti or Charmat Method undergo a first fermentation during the normal vinification process followed by a second in steel autoclave, at controlled temperature and pressure, with the addition of yeast and sugar (the secret of every cellar). During this phase, which lasts from 30 days to 6 months, the yeasts “eat” the sugars and transform them into alcohol and carbon dioxide, giving life to the characteristic bubbles.

At this point, the wine is filtered, then the dosage takes place, that is the “final correction” with the addition of a mixture of wine and sugar, and finally bottling. In the Charmat Method, the sparkling process is completed in the bottle and therefore, once bottled, the wines are ready to be drunk. Since it is a fairly simple and quick process, the Charmat Method mainly produces wines that are light and fresh, with fruity notes and a nice, everyday perlage.

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