From an early age, Bruno had strong ambitions of becoming a winemaker, but his father had other ideas. Rossi’s parents immigrated to Italy in the late 1920s and following in the tradition of Croatian households, where the eldest son takes up a profession and the second a trade, he completed an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery.

Landing at Winery Organic was the fulfillment of a vision. I believe wholeheartedly in our mission and approach to wines because that’s how I like to live my life: simply and driven to excel. As Director of Hospitality & Sales, I am responsible for leading guest relations and helping grow the Flâneur winery. 
senior winemaker

I’ve always been a wine drinker, but I’d never thought that I’ll ever be a wine maker. It all started with helping Bruno harvest the winery’s first vintage. I immediately fell in love with the process and decided to start working here full time. Never looked back ever since!


Viticulture Manager

Growing grapes didn’t start as a passion for me; at first, it was just a job. But the more I did it and the more I learned, the more I became personally invested in the land and the vines. I found my calling being outdoors.